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Every track starts with a waveform. But how do you go from there? In this video we'll learn you all about Songwriting for Techno Music. Expect professional chord structures to get the most out of your synths and killer melodies to make any crowd move. We will use our 35 years of experience to spill the building blocks of electronic music.
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Why Analog Courses?

  • 35 years of experience in club music

    With Lucien Foort as your course teacher you will be able to make big leaps in your production skills. People all over the world dance to his tracks. And here at Analog Courses you will be able to find out why.

  • Free tips & tricks every week

    On our Youtube channel you can find the latest videos on how to get the most out of yourself, your gear and your music. Our videos are all about sharing inspiration and giving you the latest tips & tricks. And the best of it all? It's free!

  • Join the conversation

    Becoming a better artist is challenging work, and with every answer, a new question pops up. Got something you want to share or ask? Drop us a line below.

What Our Students Say


Dj Luna

I know Analog Kitchen for a long time, and I always enjoyed jamming with him in the studio. His knowledge about analog gear is impressive. If you’re looking for a good in depth course he is your man.


Willie Wartaal / Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

Fast service, always available for contact and good quality. Analog Courses has the capability many others don't have knowing what works on stage and live. This experience will always take the lead in all the projects of AC. Keep up the good work!


De Kraken

The first question Lucien asked me was why all Michael Jackson tracks still sound so tight and good? For each instrument I looked up which compressor fit which. Lucien forced me to pay attention to detail and and forced me to dive deeper into sound. By learning from him I have laid a solid foundation of mixing techniques that I still use every day.


Najel Monteiro

The best mentor and engineer I've had for multiple reasons. Besides helping me develop and perfect my music, he guided me as a young artist. With his extensive experience and patience, he knows how to maximize a person's true talents.


Carlos / MC Ruffian

If this got your attention more than once before, it might be the next best thing for you to try.


Mitch De Klein

One of the most passionate musicians I know. After all those years in the scene, still reinventing himself by taking on new challenges every day, proving he is still in it for the love of music



Sound design for live use, song structure, sharing knowledge and being a real friendly guy. Those are the skills and traits that come to mind when speaking about Analog Kitchen. Not the average gear junkie, but a lover of (live) electronic music and sound.


Jelle Bolijn

Thank you for helping figure out my hardware liveset! I love making music in Ableton but now I can jam away without touching my computer. Your videos on Youtube, and these samplepacks, really elevated me to the next level. Will definitely recommend!

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