A Complete Dawless Start to Finish Course with Your Favorite Hardware

Get to know everything about setting up your gear and maximizing your musical potential.

About this course

Finish this video series and learn how to make full arrangements with your favorite hardware boxes.

All the different elements in a track will be discussed and explained: you can follow at your own pace with a final track as result. Everything will be shown in detail as we go through all important stages of the production. Get a sense of what it means to create tracks that feel finished and can be performed, save valuable time in figuring what goes where and learn new production techniques to be implemented right away!

What You Are Getting

  • Start jamming right away

    A complete start-to-finish production course on how to create a track with the Novation Circuit and the Behringer Crave. You can view the tutorials at you own pace and learn the key elements of synthesis, drum sequencing and arranging with a dawless setup.

  • Industry insights

    After 35 years of making music on a professional level, Lucien shares his biggest tips to get the pro sound. Get to understand the fundamentals to make your track work on any soundsystem.

  • Over 2h of content

    Explore rumbling sounddesign, arrangement techniques and the fundamentals of mixing.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Meet your course instructor: Lucien

    • How to use this course

    • Setup & Installing Files

    • Playing the final product

    • Before we begin..

  2. 2
    • Starting with the basics - Programming Drums

    • Addings sounds

    • Arrangement basics

  3. 3
    • How Does This Electronic One Man Band work?

    • Assigning Tasks To The Band Member

    • Routing

    • I’m Craving, What?

    • Sound design - Making a lead/bass

    • Changing the sound

  4. 4
    • Adding it together

    • Expanding the track

    • Start-to-finish performance

  5. 5
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • What To Aim For When Taking The Band Out

    • What To Aim For During Production

    • More resources for you


Producing a steady stream of professional music is tough. Stop figuring out what goes where, or when its finished. Let us show you how to finish your tracks properly and become a better artist along the way

Meet Your Instructor

Senior Instructor

Analog Kitchen / Lucien Foort

You can find his productions in the record bags of Carl Cox, Roger Sanches, Sasha en John Digweed. Releasing music on Bedrock, SONY BMG, Universal, Armada Music and Toolroom. Lucien's tracks topped worldwide dance-charts and his clubanthem “Bleeep!” on Toolroom, was Beatport's number 1 House-track for 7 months straight. In the recent years Lucien focused more on his alter ego Analog Kitchen. Under this alias he focusses on the analog side of music-production. He started with his Youtube channel 2 years ago to spread all the knowledge from the last 35 years. Today, there are over 10k subscribers and still going. The community that rose from that adventure is constantly sharing knowledge and getting bigger as we speak. Wanna join the fun? Pick your course and join the Analog Courses community!

About Analog Courses

  • Lifetime Acces

    Everything you own is yours forever! Courses and sounds can be explored at your own pace on all devices available.

  • Royalty Free

    Samples and loops are always royalty free. You can use them in all your musical escapades and tracks as you please.

  • Industry Standard

    With any content on here we always ask ourselves: how can we deliver the highest quality insights and sounds for you to excel in your music? With a lifetime of experience working in the business - we are confident to succeed in adding knowledge to your skillset.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I watch the course right away?

    Soon! This is a pre-roll. We are still producing the course. You can buy it with a discount now and get notified later. And, you can even tell us what you would like to learn if you order at this stage.

  • What is Analog Courses

    Analog Courses is a platform for everything music production. With Lucien Foort as our Senior teacher, you will learn everything about the fundamentals of music production. We believe that experience will always make a difference so get ready for professional tips backed by 35 years of music making as a producer and performer.

  • How long do I have access to the courses?

    You have lifetime acces to course! After enrolling you can progress at your own pace - for as long as you like on any device. Just login on your account and start learning!

  • How do I access course files?

    All the course files are added as downloads in the course itself. It's all there in one place so you can focus on the learning!

  • Is this a subscription to future products?

    No. This is a one-time payment for product on this page.

  • What if I have further questions?

    Drop us a line through the contact form on the homepage.

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