Why This Course?

  • Start jamming right away

    You will be able to put all the core concept to use right away: from firing up your hardware synths or use your favorite plugin in your DAW.

  • Industry insights

    After 35 years of making music on a professional level, Lucien shares his biggest tips to get the pro sound. Get to understand the fundamentals to make your track work on any soundsystem.

  • Designed for you

    Making music is tough. Writing memorable music is even tougher! With this course you'll learn tips and tricks to get your songwriting to a new level and become a better artist along the way.


Producing a steady stream of professional music is tough. Stop figuring out what goes where, or when its finished. Let us show you how finish music properly and become a better artist along the way.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I watch the course right away?

    Soon! This is a pre-roll. We are still producing the course. You can buy it with a discount now and get notified later. And, you can even tell us what you would like to learn if you order at this stage.

  • What is Analog Courses

    Analog Courses is a platform for everything music production. With Lucien Foort as our Senior teacher, you will learn everything about the fundamentals of music production. We believe that experience will always make a difference so get ready for professional tips backed by 35 years of music making as a producer and performer.

  • How long do I have access to the courses?

    You have lifetime acces to course! After enrolling you can progress at your own pace - for as long as you like on any device. Just login on your account and start learning!

  • How do I access course files?

    All the course files are added as downloads in the course itself. It's all there in one place so you can focus on the learning!

  • Is this a subscription to future products?

    No. This is a one-time payment for product on this page.

  • What if I have further questions?

    Drop us a line through the contact form on the homepage.

Interested in what the course will be like?

Check out this teaser by Lucien's new act Analog Kitchen

About Analog Courses

  • Lifetime Acces

    Everything you own is yours forever! Courses and sounds can be explored at your own pace on all devices available.

  • Royalty Free

    Samples and loops are always royalty free. You can use them in all your musical escapades and tracks as you please.

  • Industry Standard

    With any content on here we always ask ourselves: how can we deliver the highest quality insights and sounds for you to excel in your music? With a lifetime of experience working in the business - we are confident to succeed in adding knowledge to your skillset.